Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is LifeUp?
LifeUp International is a compassionate organization desirous of the betterment of the nation through development of children as the leaders of tomorrow particularly the less privileged children. We in LifeUp International believe that a child saved today brings about a better nation tomorrow. For this reason LifeUp International intervenes in the social, economic and educational lives of the less privileged children through its NGO, the Lifeup Charity Foundation and also provides entrepreneurial training, skill acquisition and transformation financial support to parents and young adults to enhance their economic base so as to give their children and wards quality economic, social and educational life for a better nation building.

2. Is LifeUp International Registered?
LifeUp International and Global Concept is dully registered with CAC with Registration number: BN 3084260, the EFCC in Nigeria as well as its NGO, the LifeUp Charity Foundation

3. What make one eligible to be a member?
Completion of membership registration on our website and activation thereafter with membership fee of N1,000 only. Please note that membership is open those who are 16 years and above only.

4. How can someone get registered?
There are two ways one can get registered. Firstly, you can log into our website – to complete the online registration form, do email verification and conclude with online payment. Once done, you will get an email notification that your registration is completed. Alternatively, you can complete the hard copy (paper) registration form and make cash payment to your trusted coordinator who can help you do the online registration. Once your coordinator is done, please do log into your registration detail online you will get an email notification that your registration is completed. It is advised you log in and change your password as soon as you get you registration notification on the latter option. Please ensure that your account number, phone number and email address are valid before commencement of registration.

5. What is Save a Child Project (SAC-P)?
SAC-P is an initiative targeted at intervening in the social, economic and educational lives of the less privileged children. It aims at stabilizing as many less privileged child that could be reached by the initiative socially, economically and educationally thereby turning their hopelessness and despair into great potentials. Save A Child Project (SAC-P) comes in various packages depending on the nature of intervention identify in the life of a target less privilege child. 1. (SAC-P) Back to School: This takes care of a child enter educational need 2. (SAC-P) Parents Partnership: This initiative support the parents by taking care of part of the child educational needs 3. (SAC-P) Child Care: This option provides for a child’s other basic needs of feeding, clothing and healthcare.

7. What is LifeUp Entrepreneurial Development Project (LED-P)?
LED-P is an entrepreneurial and human capital development initiative aimed at developing economic capacity of parent and young adults with the primary target of impacting on their children by extension. LED-P provides skill acquisition and on-site and off-site entrepreneurial training resource free of charge to members with a view to empowering parent and young adults.

8. What is LifeUp Transformation Fund Scheme?
LifeUp International encourages its members to be part of its structured LifeUp Charity Foundation Transformation fund Scheme. In realization that most parents and young adults need financial assistance to drive their dreams and aspirations Lifeup International through its Foundation provides members opportunity to donate to the course of charity and get 140% of the amount donated in return as transformation support fund. The donation is done in a multiple of N5000 and gets equal return of 140% (N7,000) as transformation fund. That is a member who has N20,000 to donate can donate 4 times and expect N28,000 (N7,000 x 4) in return. Transformation fund is paid to members after donation in a matter of days or weeks depending on the length of queue of members pending payments in the system and is strictly on first-come-first-serve basis. Please note that SAC-P Transformation Donation Scheme is optional for registered members as members also stand to enjoy all other members’ benefits without necessarily participating in the donation scheme.

9 What is 3-Tier Bonus Scheme?
While the Transformaton Fund payment on your donation to the charity projects are not dependent on your referrals, members who wish to earn more income take advantage of the three tier referral bonus, which is mouthwatering. This package allows one to earn from 3 tiers of bonuses. They are the tier 1 bonus, tier 2 and tier 3 bonuses.


When you invite a person e.g. ‘MR A’ into the organization and MR A registers with your username as his/her Referral Username, you will automatically earn a 5% bonus on all his/her donations in the system, no matter the number of donations he/she makes. This means that if he donates a 100 times, you will make 5% bonus on all the 100 donations. Isn’t this lovely?
When MR A (who you invited) introduces MR B into the organization, you will make 3% bonus on all the donations made by MR B, no matter the number. The beauty of this is that, no matter the number of people introduced by MR A, you will make 3% on all their donations. Imagine MR A introduces 100 persons into the organization, it means you will make 3% on the donations of the entire 100 persons no matter how many times they donate. Isn’t this wonderful?
When MR B (who was invited by MR A) introduces people into the organization, no matter the number, you will make 2% on all their donations no matter how many times they donate. This is awesome!!

10. What is LifeUp Grant?
Members of Lifeup are entitled to Lifeup Grant. This is a Business grant designed to support members business and urgent expenditure calls. As a grant, it is interest free and only attracts minimal charges and processing fee. The maximum cap for the grant is 30% of member all time bonuses earned in the system and repayable in six months. One beautiful feature of the grant is that members are not expected to repay the grant from the external sources rather from bonuses that accrued to them in the system.

11. What are the Other Benefits Available to Members of Lifeup?
Registered member of Lifeup also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free skill acquisition training
  • Free access to all LifeUp online training resources
  • Free Product merchandised relationship
  • Advertisement on the lifeup website

12. How secure is my money in Lifeup portal?
Your fund in Lifeup is very secure. Lifeup website is secured with the best internet security.