About Us

LifeUp International and Global Concept is a multi-dimensional, human capital development organization, whose aim is to holistically transform and improve the lives of children, youths and adults; with special interest in helping the less privileged via its various projects, packages and programmes.

Registered with Corporates Affairs commission with Registration number: BN 3084260 and the Economic and financial crimes commission, Lifeup has positioned itself for maximum impact via packages, programmes and projects that will generally transform the lives of its members both financially and otherwise.

Lifeup also boast of social responsibility projects through its charity organization known as Lifeup Charity Foundation. These projects are targeted at children, the elderly as well as registered members of Lifeup international.
The following are the Projects, packages and programmes of Lifeup International and Global Concept and Lifeup Charity Foundation:

Lifeup Charity Foundation is the charity arm of Lifeup International and Global Concept. Our cardinal objective is to reach out to the less privileged children with the primary aim of taking them out of the streets and sending them to school. The foundation also cares for the elderly, as well as members of LIFEUP INTERNATIONAL among other charitable programmes. The Foundation charitable activities are segmented into different projects as follows:

  • Save a child project- (SAC-P) : The purpose of this project is to take the less privileged children out of the street, by sending them to school. According to United Nations Children fund (UNICEF), about 13.2 Million Nigerian children are currently out of school. We’ve partnered with schools in granting various levels of scholarship to children. Among the schools is The Bosbery preparatory school, Ikorodu, Lagos.
  • Care for the Aged project (CFA-P): Many of our aged men and women are left uncared for. Lifeup intervenes in this area; according to needs identified which often covers provision of food, clothing and medical care among others.
  • FREE MEDICAL OUTREACH: Lifeup periodically organizes free medical screening and treatment as well as health awareness campaigns in various parts of Nigeria, especially areas with high concentration of the lower economic class.

Lifeup International developed a system of FINANCIAL TRANSFORMATION for its members which will have an enduring impact on their life and that of the children. This scheme is only available to registered members of Lifeup international. The condition for access to this financial Transformation fund is active participation and commitment to our charity projects via donations. here, members are rewarded with 140% of their donation towards the charity projects. Yes, 140%. That is a return of your donation plus additional 40% transformational fund. This reward is available to all your donations, no matter the number.

While the TRANSFORMATION FUND payment on your donation to the charity projects are not dependent on your referrals, members who wish to earn more income take advantage of the three tier referral bonus, which is mouthwatering. This package allows one to earn from 3 tiers of bonuses. They are the tier 1 bonus 5% OF YOUR REFERRAL’S DONATIONS, tier 2, 3% and tier 3, 2%.


Lifeup Entrepreneurial Development Project is an entrepreneurial and human capital development initiative aimed at developing economic capacity of parent and young adults with the primary target of impacting on children by extension. Lifeup achieves this through its free skill acquisition programme, trainings in technology which hinges on I.C.T and internet business, business trainings and lots more. These training are free for members except for specialized trainings which are highly subsidized.

LIFEUP ONLINE SHOP (LOS-P) It offers members the opportunity to make money by intermediating between the market and the diverse products and services, simply by placing such products and services on our website. For the convenience of participating members, Lifeup has embarked on strategic partnerships with a number of manufacturing and service organizations. This will afford members easy access to the product and services of these organizations thereby making reasonable profits out of them.

Lifeup entertainment creates a platform for talented members, both young and old, to actualize their dreams in Music, comedy, videos and movies. We promote members’ talents via our various platforms and affiliate platforms, and we also manage upcoming artistes and Gospel musicians.

In this scheme, qualified Members are given grants to help them in their businesses. The beauty of this GRANT is that, you would not be asked to pay back from your business purse or personal pocket. The grant will be deducted from the many revenues and bonuses you will make from your activities in the organization. This is actually, a grant without stress.

Therefore, join Lifeup International and Global concept today for a life transforming experience.

For more information, you will also see the complete video explaining things in details on home page of this website. Remember to fill in the referral username of the person that invited you while registering.

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